My father was a PGA golf pro in Connecticut for over 40 years and in the winters he was the head pro at such places as Doral, El Conquistador in Puerto Rico and The Fountains in Palm Beach. My mother was also an LPGA pro involved with them from the beginning, she sadly passed away Sept. 2014 at 93 . So needless to say I grew up around golf and played many of the top courses all over, I worked for my father at a very young age and was his assistant through the 1980’s. At that time my family and a partner bought the Inn and Restaurant in Rangeley, what happened over all the years is a long story. When my father suddenly died in 1991, I went to Longshore C.C. in Westport Conn. and I ended up returning to Maine with a lot of his golf equipment. I built a scenic driving range, practice facility and George Buck Golf School, then I decided to build two golf holes for classes and practice. I wanted to make them exciting and then decided to continue on until now, this course is designed to give you a great experience every time you play it and it really does, it has five tees on each hole – all of them different. We have a lot of members who are average golfers and they all know their way around the course always having a great time. Then we have a lot of the best players in the area, ask any one of them and they will tell you that they love the excitement of this course. Our greens are multilevel and have incredible breaks, they are enjoyable to play on, they are as good as any greens you will see anywhere. It was easy for me to design this course, I guess from being around golf my whole life and playing so many great courses, I picked up many ideas that I used when building the Evergreen Golf Club. I hope everyone who enjoys the game of golf comes up and play this great course, it is surely not your typical course. You will have to play it a few times to get to know it, and that’s alright. We’ll enjoy welcoming you back.
New this year,a forward green tee on each hole,for juniors and beginners, great fun.
Thank You
George Buck Jr.