Opening for 2022 Season May 13th , details soon

Annual Couples Golf Tournament & Cocktail Party
Sunday August TBA.
Come join the fun, hurry and sign up limited spaces.
Call the Pro shop for more info. 207-864-9055

Womens golf Class call for info.
2018 Two Player Series Champions
Craig Sargent and Rod Smith Runners up Matt Knox and Todd Migdelaney
2019 Champions Les Hoekstra and Steve Cornello Runners up Peg Knox and Marl Whitehall
Third place Jamie Sargent and Joe Montimurro

2020  Two Player Champions Craig Sargent and Rod Smith Runners Up Gary Patnode and George Buck

2021 Two Player Champions Jamie Sargent and Joe Montimurro Runners Up Craig Sargent and Rod Smith

 George Buck is the tournament director and I think everyone thought we did a great job. Last year we got started by playing a few rounds early in the season to establish a handicap for players who did not have one, we will do that again this year. George adjusts the Quotas every week to keep the handicaps accurate and that is why we had seven different teams win during the 2021 season, pretty impressive.

When we got started playing the weekly nine hole rounds, we started with the Stableford system. Basically that is a point system, as example you receive one point for a bogie , two for a par and four for a birdie, each player “depending on his or her handicap” have to get their own minimum amount of points to get to their quota. Every point scored above that is your weekly total combined with your partners total and Quotas range from 2 to 15 points. What I like about this format is : If you start out not doing so well that day you can always score a lot of points late in the round. Another good idea was that we, changed the weekly format during the past few seasons a few times to keep it exciting and we will resume that during the 2022 season. Also your team can play your weekly rounds Wed. thru Sun. and you only have to play five weeks to qualify for the championship around Labor Day.

The last event of the 2021 season was the Championship round followed by a cookout, that was fun, also the prizes are substantial. After talking to quite a few golfers during the off season, I’m sure this year we will have number of new teams, we offer a reduced greens fee for these events. Also if you can’t find a partner we know a few people looking

So come join the fun. For more information feel free to call me. 207-240-5248 cell 207-864-3612 Thank you George Buck